Quickly and easily find a steady job in Finland!

Finding a good job is not easy, especially when you have to work away from home, and your mind is filled with concerns. Is the salary paid on time? Are the working conditions humane? How will I find an apartment in a foreign city? What if I don’t fully understand the contract and get ripped off?

If you join EstEmploy, we will take care of your job search and all the worries that come with it! We will make your life comfortable, find a suitable job for you in Finland, and help you settle in. You don’t have to worry about any paperwork – we manage all the documentation.

The contract will be in your native language, and you can be certain that the salary will be paid on time and in the agreed amount. We will also take care of your accommodation and transport.


What do we offer?

  • A fixed-term employment contract.
  • A fixed salary paid to you on a specific date.
  • Health insurance.
  • Coverage of your overall expenses.
  • Free residence at the destination.
  • Good living conditions – a private room, well-equipped kitchen, and washing facilities.
  • Administrative assistance.
  • Help to solve problematic situations in the workplace.
  • A humane work schedule.
  • Work clothes and safety equipment.
  • A support person who speaks your native language.
  • Help to find a new job when you finish your current job.

NB! An employment rent contract guarantees the same rights as a full-time employment contract!


What does the hiring process look like?

  • If a company wants to find a specific specialist, we go through our database first.
  • If your qualifications and work experience are appropriate for the job, we invite you for an interview to clarify all the circumstances surrounding your employment.
  • Once you know the details, you can decide if you want to start working on the job or not. Adding your data to the database does not bind you to anything.
  • If you decide to accept the job, we will help you complete the necessary paperwork; for instance, we will make entries in the databases so that you can get health insurance, pension calculation, etc., as prescribed by law.
  • When you go to your new job, we will give you precise instructions on how to find your workplace. We will also cover the costs related to travelling to work.
  • We will arrange for you to live near your workplace, with a private room with common utility rooms.
  • We will pay for the rental costs of your accommodation.
  • If you have additional questions or if any problems arise when you start work, we are always a phone call away to help you resolve the situation in your native language.
  • You will be paid every two weeks, starting from the second week on the job.
  • We will help finance your future travels home.

Read what people who have been working through us have to say:


How is the salary paid?

The employee is paid based on the hours worked. The hours worked are recorded on the timesheets, and if the number of hours is signed by the person responsible, a salary transfer is made. A salary is paid every two weeks starting from the first day of work.
The salary always reaches the employee exclusively and at the time agreed in the employment contract!

For how long is the job guaranteed?

The duration of the work depends on the client and the work. The shortest period for which EstEmploy hires an employee is one month.
From past experience, we can say that on average, one employment relationship with one employer lasts about 4-6 months. However, there are always exceptions. For instance, there are cases when the same rental employee works for the same employer for 5-7 years.

Summer jobs usually last from early June to September.

It is also common for Finnish companies to offer a direct contract to an employee after a long-term high-quality employment relationship. We do not prevent anyone from accepting these contracts and the employee must decide for himself under whose contract he wishes to continue working.

How are the living and working conditions?

Our employees are what matter the most to us and we do our best to make them feel good. The well-being of our employees and a high work ethic are very important to us. We always accommodate our employees in at least 2-room apartments, where a maximum of two people live. This means that a person always has their own room and can rest after work in a private room.

The apartments are furnished and equipped with the necessary appliances (washing machine, etc.).

We assume that the employee behaves appropriately in the apartment, cleans regularly, and does not break the property. The apartment must be cleaned properly when an employee moves out.

Working conditions and cultures differ in many ways from what we are used to in Estonia. Working conditions vary according to the employer, but given Finland’s strict work regulations, the work culture is very employee-centric. The prescribed rest breaks are strictly observed, overtime is not performed, and if the work requires protective equipment, protective equipment is provided.

Problems or tasks that do not fall within the employee’s qualifications must be reported to EstEmploy immediately – this is the only way we can help resolve the situation in a way most favourable way to you.

How often can I go home?

Normally, the Finnish employer requires a three-week working period, after which the employee is granted a week’s leave.

Two-week cycles are also common, after which the employee has a week to rest at home.

Additionally, people working around Helsinki often go home for long weekends – for example, from Thursday evening to Sunday. This is because it is only a two-hour drive from Helsinki to Estonia, and working near Helsinki does not require a personal car.

There are many differences in work schedules and a specific period of work and rest must be directly agreed with the specific employer. We can help you with these negotiations.

What about the holidays?

An employee is entitled to a holiday and holiday pay, as in any other employment contract. Before going on holiday, you must make a holiday application to your employer (EstEmploy). After the application is approved, the employee receives the holiday pay.

After the termination of the employment contract, the earned holiday pay is also paid.

What are the terms of the contract?

The basic terms of the contract are the same as a normal employment contract. You sign an agreement with EstEmploy and the employment contract specifies that we may send you to work for another company (our client); this means that you are a rented employee in the user company. The payer is also EstEmploy.

We highlight two points that are important for the employee:

1. Employee employed as a rental worker in a user establishment (for example, a Finnish construction company). In these instances, we regulate and let you know that you are a rental employee and you will start working for our client.

2. The employment contract is concluded for a specified term, or until the completion of the project, or at the end of the user establishment’s order. This means that the employment contract is valid insofar as the client has a job to offer. If the job ends, it does not mean that we also have to terminate the employment contract with you. Our customer base is large and because of this, we are quite sure that there will always be more work for a good employee.

Will I be OK if I don’t speak Finnish?

It is always helpful if the employee speaks Finnish or other languages, but this is not required in certain professions or cases. For example, it is enough if a friend or co-worker speaks Finnish. You can also do independent and routine work without language skills.

However, some positions at the communication level require proficiency in Finnish. These may be workplaces where the employee must be in constant contact with the Finnish employer or clients (e.g., a waitress at a restaurant, or a rebar worker on a construction site).

We strongly recommend you to be honest about your language skills. This ensures quality service for the customer and also prevents surprises and inconveniences for you.

If we know that your language skills are low or incomplete, we can help you to adjust to your new job.

What does the recruitment process look like?

The easiest way to start the recruitment process is to fill in a short personal questionnaire on our website – this way we can get enough information about you and your skills. Your CV is automatically saved in our database and we will contact you when a suitable job is available.

You can also send your completed CV to our e-mail address:

Alternatively, you can get information about job offers telephonically: +372 6 019 029

What do we ask during interviews?

Once we have found a suitable candidate for the job, we invite this person for a job interview. An interview is necessary for both you and us. We want to see who we are recruiting, and you definitely want to see who you are going to work for.

At the job interview, we will review your questionnaire and introduce you to the new job, the employment contract, and the salary conditions.

You should also be ready for personal questions concerning, for example, your relations with alcohol, etc. We are extremely strict in this regard – work and the consumption of narcotics and stimulant substances do not go together! We do not hire people with addiction problems.

What kind of employees are we looking for?

Usually, qualified specialists find work the fastest, like welders, builders, etc.

Our team consists of people who are:

If you believe you have these qualities, we promise to treat you in the same way. Welcome to our team!

How fast will I be employed?

Normally the recruitment process takes 2 weeks.

What is the opinion of rental workers in Finland?

In Finland and elsewhere in the world, rental workers make up a very large proportion of the working-age population. They are taken care of by employment agencies that constantly provide work for them in various companies.

In Finland, rental workers are highly valued – as much as full-time workers are. To some extent, rental work is also a lifestyle and is very suitable for those who long for change and different work tasks. However, there are also rental jobs that last for a year and more.

Estonian menial and skilled workers are increasingly respected, as both Estonians and Finns come from the same cultural space. An Estonian background has recently become more valuable when Finland started to bring in workers from Romania, Bulgaria, and other Eastern countries.

How has rental employment developed in recent years?

Increasingly, companies have started to use rental workers as it is difficult to predict whether a company is developing in a positive or negative direction in rapidly-changing economic environments. Thus, rental staff are a good solution for companies when there are periods of high demand for short-term staff.

Companies have also begun to reduce full-time jobs to optimise their costs. Furthermore, rental staff allow for quick reactions to a changing situation a company might face.